Sunday, June 27, 2010

been a while

ahhh i've been busy sewing jackets and skirts and having birthday parties on the beach! i'm 25 now!

and got some fabulous gifts for my birthday...including... this cupcake with a big 2-5 on it!

this clever little creation of found objects-a radical old wooden frame with toggle switches neatly placed inside! to send my decorating style in a new direction....great find yaithinkitdoes!

a dress form!! which is so useful and awesome! thanks brother

and beautiful sunny flowers to brighten my apartment!

just lovely!

I wish it was my birthday every day!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Fashion Statements

I accidently stopped at Oscar's on my way home yesterday. Then I accidently saw a book I wanted. And then I accidently pulled out my credit card and bought it

I'm just really into the the risky designers lately and what they will do to shock people and the theatrics of their runways shows. Not even shock necessarily but just push the box a little that the saying? I don't know, just experiment with concepts that they know will not be well received by the majority of people but for those who do get it and appreciate it, is what its all about.

So the book I bought is called Fashion Statements and features such designers with full lengthy interviews which is my favourite part because you start to understand where these ideas stemmed from and then you appreciate so much more their genius and talent.

I then came home and remembered something we watched in class- this runway show where the model stands perfectly still and has layer upon layer of clothing piled upon her until she is cocoooned in all this beautifully beaded and elaborately made clothing. It was Viktor & Rolf Fall/Winter 1999. Then I discovered they used this same concept in fall/winter 2010 though this time they took off pieces of her layered look and put them on the models as they came out until she was down to a body suit, and then more models came out and they took the layers from them to re-layer her until she was wearing this crazy Elizabethan ruff-oversized jacket sort of look. Its of course impractical and more about the show than the clothes but I just thought it was a clever idea.

Its a long video....I tried to find a sped up version but I didn't have any luck.

This is the Fall 2010
doesn't the internet just blow your mind? Its just crazy that you can think of a song or a movie and have access to it in 2 seconds. Or access to anything!! its really really amazing